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Truth Clarity Psychic Readings Love I work on it all day long. Children, at the University of the Internet, are learning synchronous search engine results management skills to call your attention to the fact that they were created to die without their consent and they know, on a feeling level, that that intention is not love. Well that sucks. Hitler can't have a death camp but Mommy can. Happy sMOTHERS day.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Immortality is ethicality

Humans made powerful functional instituted currently operational laws against taking human life prematurely. To die of natural causes things beyond human control...but that's all unexplored excuse making maybe. What causes can humans not control, lets try tornados or birth, let's not. Ugh, move out of the area where the tornados are common. Or move underground where they have no effect; move 20 feet or 1000 miles, your choice.

In psychical relativistics, it has been discovered that not preventing peoples death may be the largest cause of death. This discovery could potentially threaten the long held tenet that people have freedom rights; certain unalienable rights.

It has been furtherly posited that not acting on cetain problems causes those problems to continue.....a sort of law of procrastination.

Using delayed intimacy dynamics within silent and often covert breeding strategies, women, with mothers help, are more able to control the psychical context of the sexual context to their perceived advantage. This is not a democratic sexuality; [ma fee YA] consider this the next time you watch the Matrix movie. [Ma Tricks] Men are blamed for death within the innuendos of male god hypotheticality. This is part of tendency of matrix Ma Tricks shifting blame and covert responsibility avoidance psychically.

The male aspect of the covert blatant illumnati control of human behavior, a kind of covert psychical farming agenda is more evident now, at least to some of us. So the women accidently taught the brotherhood and or at least licensed unethicality and turned it lose into sociology to run its ugly coarse.

In all cases its the children get hurt the most because they will inherite this psychical procrastination denial karma and be tempted to repeat it rather than to resolve it. The blind creating the blind, blindly. Can't call that love.

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Immortality: It's about Time

Immortality: It's about Time
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